5 December 2006

Carrot Top scares the crap out of me.


My days have been made by the following bit of news that I am sure at least one of you is going to appreciate. Twitch City is now available on DVD. Yes it is. I already have my copy. So lovely.


Chris Campbell said...

He is a very scary man. Kind of like some sort of experiment to create a comedian and the experiment went horribly wrong.
But that horror at the photo is very nicely offset by the good news about Twitch City. Yay!

disco kuusisto said...

I have news for both of you. Stephen Merchant is going to have his own radio show on BBC 6.

and carrot top is a modern day Adonis. i just puked a little seeing that photo.

recess bandit said...

I like the idea of him being an experiment. It makes me sleep more soundly, although they kinda messed up on the "comedian" aspect of it. Dude is not funny at all. The Twitch City dvd has made my month! I no longer have to stalk Daniel McIvor at film festivals.
Stephan Merchant is going to have his own show!!! Sweet. And the image of the Carrot Top was choosen with you in mind Kuusisto, as I know you have some affection for the ....uhm...fire crotch.

oh snap.

disco kuusisto said...

you can kinda see his pubs if you look hard. well i was not looking hard, i mean... oh no.

recess bandit said...

it must have been the die (plural of dice) that drag your eye down.