2 April 2007

cue the whirring sound...I am back folks. the kid downstairs is back into paying bills, and i am piggy backing once again. no more standing in the library or sneaking off at parties to send poorly written e-mails in a mad dash to stay in touch with all my favorite kids.

life is pretty good these days and i am currently pursuing my life long dream job. working with the post office. this is no joke. i want to be a letter carrier so badly. what better job for me. i could get jacked up on coffee, strap on an over-weight carrying sack and wander all around town avoiding human contact. i do that now for free, it is just as well i join one of the best unions around and make an effing career out of it.

plus, i love the mail. some could say it is a slight obbsession.

so, look for me wandering the streets, looking surly and uniformed and know that my heart is singing.

such fun.

till next time losers,
the recess bandit.

oh yeah, the picture above is a shortbread cookie made for me for my housewarming party by my former housemate.

it was so delicious.


Indecisive said...

I actually recall you asking Gord about his job. Incidentally, I've met many a letter carrier at the dog park, with their own canines.

recess bandit said...

Gord was always my favorite and his career choice added to this obsession of mine. I did not want to be a hairy beast like Pete, so I never asked him what he did. Somehow I thought your job has some sort of definition on your identity.