23 April 2007

i don't kiss losers and i don't kiss winners.

my head is buzzing with fantastics tales. my fingers have no desire to type them out.

one thing i will tell you, i had a fantastic weekend. i meet some wonderful folks.

i also experienced some folks making "suggestions" for how i ought to conduct my affairs, or rather lack thereof.

i am referring to being happily single for a significant period of time. is it really so bad to like being alone? having a queen size bed to myself? not finding someone else's hair in the sink?

dating someone bossy would suck. i am waiting for someone spectacular to travel my way. i think i deserve it, being such a catch and all.


tifilis said...

you absolutely deserve it. I am also happily single and I think I'm doing a hell of a lot better than I was when I was in a relationship. Keep holding out dude. What's so special about a relationship anyway? We're too exciting for that shit.

ps. it's good to see the dukes sheet again.

recess bandit said...

holy crap are you ever fantastic tifilis. your comment made me laugh....in the morning...BEFORE coffee. that's how good you are.

Michael said...

Can I bring my camels?

Indecisive said...

And that's why I say embrace singledom. I'm hoping in time people will realize it is a choice rather than a result.

disco kuusisto said...

you are quite the catch. being in single is great if even just because crushes become rampant and fun. like boys in vans.

Sadira said...

Well written article.