14 September 2006

Big Day Out.

Yesterday was my first day out for a full day. It was way to exciting. Sad but true. I walked downtown and hung out with a new friend at my favorite coffee shop. Being there allowed me to mingle with some folks that I adore. I drank more coffee than I should have. Afterwards, my new friend and I went grocery shopping. I was in such a good mood I wanted to do something nice. Imagine that. My housemate, the one that still lives here, has been extra-special during my recovery time. She recently got hooked on coffee sweetened with honey, a habit I fully endorse, so I got her a huge jar of wildflower honey. If you steal it, does it still count as a generous act?

In other news....the original Unit has been split up. The friend/housemate that I got this apartment with has moved on. Funny thing is, he is here more now that he has moved out! Not that I am complaining! His sweet face will be missed in this house.

Shit is this post ever boring.

This is what happens when one is unable to leave the house for more than an hour at a time.

the recess bandit.

p.s. does anyone have any advice on how to tell if a friend is, you now, into you?
I had considered plying them with alcohol, but that would be sleazy...... wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

pfft.I do it all the time.M

tifilis said...

heh heh, go for it dude. Be sleazy for fuck's sake peopple are so serious these days,you need to own that shit. If you give me your # I will get a phone card and a call you at home. Shit's fucked all over man, let's trade dramas for a hour or so.

I miss you.