17 January 2006

so, at the beginning of the evening, i was ready to pack it all in and move to the desert. my computer could suck eggs as far as i was concerned. i'm still not over it completely, but i do now see where my errors were.

sometimes the concept of a computer makes my brain fizzle. like my profile says, i am new. so, why all the goddamned fuss? why was i screaming, turning away in anger, and needing to get out of the house? i was, once again, trying to upload video. i found an old clay animation that i did to test out the camera and the materials used for a larger project. i re-edited it, after having my workhorse of a computer tell me 'no' several times.

the frustration lies in the fact that this is what i study in school. this computer stuff is supposed to be second nature now. i got an 89% in mac lab. but, as i may have mentioned before, right now i hate school. o.k., o.k., i am getting to it. geeez. so, here is some crappy video i did a couple of years ago.

i borrowed the music from Mark Mothersbaugh of devo fame. enjoy.

>>>>>>>>>click here to view.

so, i guess i should go do my homework.

the recess bandit.

and yes, i do know the credits are as long as the movie.


Anonymous said...

The desert is very hot and dry and water is a t a premium. What I know of you is that you are VEry picky about your water and dehydration is not your friend. Also I think that all that sand would make you even more frusterated then the computer...imagine it between your fingers all the time...
Maybe you should consider another option...maybe a yurt with a bunch of hippies in the BC mountains...perhaps a dome in the NS interior or a dogsledding team in the arctic with a series of squatters cabins on your pelt trapping run...I would asume that all options would be devoid of the dreaded computer frustration....you could focus on the deep inner workings of your heart and soul and get in touch with your spiritual connection to the land without the constant distraction of the sleek wordy box.
I think you are about due for a walk with 22 dogs...would that suit you?

recess bandit said...

smartass. but you are right about the water. i do not have any here. we are no longer on well water. i am eating my lipbalm to stay hydrated.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is an all natural kind...it get stuck in your system for 7 years like gum..c

Anonymous said...

then yurt, the yurt! come live in a yurt in the bc mountains. oh c'mon i know there's a small part of you dying to commune with nature and what better place really? and you should bring that adorable islander with you too.


recess bandit said...

i can't go to the yurt. i am lactose intolerant. but you could send the boy back here. i could find some young lasses to tease him.