16 January 2006

i am really getting bored of being ill. it has been 41 hours now. i have not been able to eat, or do anything else really, for 41 hours. my body is getting sore from laying down. food poisoning is for losers.

something else: the center for art tapes scholarship screening is coming up.

CFAT Scholarship details!
Message: DATE: Friday January 27th 2006
TIME: 8pm
Place:Neptune's Studio Theatre
1593 Argyle Street
Tix: $6 in advance $8 at the door
ticket info: 420-4002 (CFAT)

i received this scholarship last year. it is a good program.

also: afcoop has a one-minute film scholarship. this program is amazing.

well, that is all. i am leaving the province in a couple of days. i am only going away for a week, but i am sure it will feel like a lifetime. going to visit my parents seems to have that effect. here is to my safe return.

the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

how are you feeling?
Do you want me to bring you some veggie soup?With ginger.....

Anonymous said...

Geese Loiuse...first your mouth and now this! Your other end!
I hope you are feeling better soon so you can further entertain me with your sharp tounged wit and clever words...

recess bandit said...

thank you very much m. i am feeling better now. we should hook up when i get back. i will make you dinner some time.

oh, and c, you are so dead at recess.