8 January 2006

o.k., i can finally admit it. i fall under the category of hopeless romantic. i had tried to avoid this realization for a long time now. i feel confident admitting this as i feel as if the confession falls on deaf ears. or rather an unread blog. the undeniable tip off came to me while on my precious computer. itunes was playing the smiths for me, and i felt myself staring off to the side, reminiscing about my youth. so, a story of how hopeless and romantic the bandit really is.
when i was fourteen/fifteen, i had a job as a pizza cook at pizza hut. there was a boy i worked with. his name was sean and he was as charming as the bees. he was hip, handsome, humorous and just a little bit sad. and he rode a unicycle. please keep in mind that this was the late 80's. i am not so impressed by the unicyle anymore. juggling is where it is at.
anyway, i was head over heals for sean. so, being a dreamy teen with lots of boring work time on my hands, i started to daydream about the two of us. the song that shaped my fantasies? "there is a light that never goes out". you know, the one where morrissey states
and if a double decker bus,
crashes into us,
to die by your side is such a
heavenly way to die.

this seemed like the ultimate testimite of what i thought love to be.
if you have never heard morrissy sing this, then you will never understand. it was (is) more than just the fantastic, gut-wrentching lyrics. it's the music, and that voice. oh that voice. i have been listening to the smiths for almost twenty years. that is a long time. speaks volumes about why i am so in love with sadness.

the recess bandit.
the romantic bandit.


Anonymous said...

I say the ultimate romantic believes in love at first sight.

recess bandit said...

idunnow. what ever happened to love is blind? as a wearer of eyeglasses, i like this sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Look who's going all soft with old age...

just so you know, i've serenaded someone with that song. I know exactly what you mean. What a perfectly tragic sentiment.

I won't tell anyone though, cause we're like tough guys and shit, you know...yeah.

i do miss ya sometimes though.


recess bandit said...

tough guys....yeah, never once did we get sloppy drinking at your place. never once did we dance like little girls, choreographing dances and such.
i guess you could say i miss you too.

pizza diarist said...

A long time ago, in a high school far, far away...

I once gave a girl I liked a homemade card with the lyrics to this song inside. Her father read it and forbid her to ever see me again.

I honestly think that Moz has done more to ruin people's love lives than all the cheesy 80s films and romantic 90s comedies put together.

recess bandit said...

if i had recieved a card like that, i would have climbed down the trellis shouting
A boy in the bush
Is worth two in the hand
I think I can help you get through your exams
Oh, you handsome devil.