26 January 2006

o.k., i know. this blog is started to seem completely self-absorbed. i got off track with the recent discovery of childhood photo albums and my gorgeous scanner. also, i have been busy. i am trying to get back into script writting as i have decided to stay in school and graduate. i would be crazy not to. so, in the interest of trying to get school work done, i will be posting more photos/videos. if you don't like it, you can just leave. i had no idea you were there in the first place. there have only been comments from 4 people, but stats tell me there are more.

the photo attached to this post is of my grandfather. i idolized my grandfather. his life story reads like a steinbeck novel. this photo is from his and my nana's (see previous post) honeymoon. it was taken at Niagara falls in 1945.

a nostalgic recess bandit.

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