6 January 2006

geez, it certainly feels like it has been awhile. i have taken an odd holiday from posting. partially because i didn't have anything to say, and partially because i was out on the town, drinking coffee and beer. i had an opportunity to go and socialize. it was not as hard as i thought it may be. there is something so fantastic about the kids i know in halifax. my enjoyment of this town has been renewed.
another reason i have stayed away is because i am trying to figure out appropriateness of reading other people's blogs. i have been fluctuating between not leaving any comments, to having a certain familiarity on sites. this being said, i think i may go on a blogbinge and leave comments everywhere. so, if you have found this blog as a result of my comments, perhaps you could let me know how it felt to have a stranger commenting on your very public/personal life. please do not be mean. this is just an experiment.
so, personal update for those of you who actually know me. life is fantastic. a whole cluster of people flunked out of my class. two being the ones that were harassing me. offering to put me in their snuff films and such. they are now gone. it is amazing how much better i feel now.
crushes are up and away as well. i am learning to recycle them now. and, my comic book collection is growing rapidly.
so, i am going leave it at that. gus' is calling my name.

the recess bandit.

p.s. the new addiction? the hidden cameras. so effing good.


Lachie said...

I enjoy stranger comments on my blog, particularly from others in my city, thus making me have to do detective work and try to figure out who the hell this person is. I think I have figured you out bandit, somewhere between people dropping out of your class and the procurement of twin peaks. I think I know. Your bandicy is not so covert.

recess bandit said...

aghhhhhhh! please oh please do not rip of the mask. chances are you are right. the grand prize? you will be invited to the next horror movie fan club night. this thursday. tell your smelly housemate as well.