30 January 2006

Chlorinated Gravy and Jazz Hands.

As you may recall, I decided to attend aquacize class this morning. Going into this thing, I thought it would be easy-breezy. When I was a child I engaged in both competitive and synchronized swimming for several years. So, I believe I have a leg up on the competition. Considering all of the competition is over the age of 63, this is a fair assumption. Good christ can those ladies boogie.

It started out simple enough, I even had the breath to comment on how jazz-tastic my hands were. Yes, I also danced for several years. Then we moved from the warm-up to the workout. The teacher suggested that the four viral attendees (me included) continue without the use of a pool noodle. Forty-five minutes later and the results are what you see below.

Regardless of how grueling it was, I have decided to return. Somehow being told by several of the elderly that my hair was "pretty", and that they liked my tattoo is enough to bring me back.

the recess bandit.

p.s. again, I would like to acknowledge my amazement at my high grades in maclab.


Anonymous said...

I noted at aqua fit that you were certainly langishing in the attnetions of the aging ladies..they were very curious about your edgy acoutrements combined with your sweet apple pie smile. I also noted that my new bright yellow panties well matched your outfit...what is occuring here? I hereby challange you to attend the DEEP WATER aqua fir class on Saturday.

ps. I am pretty sure the killer sperm theory is no longer in vouge...I am looking into it and will keep you informed

recess bandit said...

Dear BFF, I except your challenge and raise you another mourning with the bitties. You are going to be amazed at my splash-free jogging on the spot with jazz hands pumping water back and forth. Did I mention that I can do it SPLASH-FREE. So graceful.