14 August 2006

Surprises in the Night.

I was in desperate need of some sleep last evening, so i ate some herbal sleeping tablets. They were working like a charm until one of the kats decided to show off. I was awoken to odd growling by the foot of my bed. In a fog, I switched on the light to discover that one of my kats had caught herself a friend. I can admit it, I screamed like a girl. It is not every day you wake up to a kat with a mouse's ass hanging out of it's mouth. It was quite amazing in hindsight, that she had managed to fit the front end in her mouth so perfectly.
Usually, when one of my beast catches something, be it moth or mouse, they like to leave it for the world to admire. I can deal with the moths, the mice are a different story. Have I mentioned that I have an irrational fear, paranoia actually, about dead mice?
After my scream, Diana Moon ran out of the room with mouse in mouth. I calmed myself down and shut the door. I became very grateful for the shut door, as I believe that the mouse was dropped in the hallway for the unusually cruel kat-n-mouse chase up and down the hall. When the mouse dies, the kats will still bat it back and forth. It is kind of disturbing, as these creatures sleep on my bed every evening.
I was relieved to not find any dead mice loitering in my hallway, although I did get a strange look form my housemate when I groggily muttered "Did you find any dead things this morning?"
I believe that Diana Moon ate the mouse. And it is about time as well. My initial thought was that I would be saving money with the decrease of purchased turkey necks, but I was sadly mistaken. If anything, she ate with more ferocity this morning.

perhaps the mouse is still alive in her belly and she is feeding it.

i am so out of here.

the recess bandit.

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