16 August 2006

Home Sweet Home.

I recently discovered modernist prefab housing and I am hooked.

I like the concept behind Living Homes, pictured above.
But I also want to live in a glass house all of a sudden: The iT House.
In all honesty though, I love love love the spacebox!

more delights at fabprefeb

the recess bandit.

p.s. i am probably going to neglect my duties in the next few days. i am scheduled for surgery in less than a week!!! YAH!!! anyways, i am documenting it in another blog thing. you can read it if you like, it is only about the surgery. i have a small request: please do not comment on that site as the purpose of it is to be a public record for others that may want to know another's experience. i know that on-line journals helped me tremendously leading up to the decisions i have made.

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