2 July 2006

Such a Perfect Day.

Gosh golly gee whiz was today ever swell. First off, I slept in until like 1:30 p.m., I never sleep in. It was amazing. So, to celebrate, I prepare my most favorite breakfast: 3 very large, very strong cups of Justus coffee, with honey, and comics. Lots and lots of comics. I kinda lost the rest of the day to comics actually. Which brings me to the above photo. It is a screen-capture from an on-line comic about Dr. McNinja. This shit is hilarious. I was not so impressed at first, but then I got hooked. I read all of the archives. I also pimped up my browser. It is unbelievable how happy this new, tacky look makes me. Then, to top off the day, I ripped out some stinky carpet from the kat's litter room, showered, and watched Kids in the Hall. I wish everyday could be this funny.

the recess bandit.

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