27 July 2006

Finger Chewing Fun.

I am slipping down again. I cannot leave the house anymore, and I am not answering the door, so please do not knock. The kick in the pants about this fucking illness? There is an herbal supplement that aids me in coping with all of this. I cannot afford to purchase these supplements. I cannot afford to steal these supplements. My drug plan does not cover these supplements. They will cover pharmaceuticals, which only exasperates things for me. So, I sit in my apartment, curtains drawn, doors locked, hoping I make it through this shit again.


*please note: before folks get too concerned, and i appreciate the concern, but if things were dire, i would not be posting, and with lovely pictures no less. So, although the thought is nice, please do not call or knock. thanks. i just need to pace for a few days is all.

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