26 July 2006

Reading is Sexy?

The time to come clean is here. I have a problem, an addiction of sorts. This addiction is running my life. I wake up in the morning thinking about it, I fall asleep cradling my addiction in my arms. I am hooked on books. Kind of in that life altering, time snatching, ridiculous way. I have done nothing with my days but sit on the back porch reading and drinking coffee. I am going through a novel a day. Sometimes, I will take a break and watch a movie. Or phone a friend to tell them about the current book. It is getting kind of ridiculous.

I knew it was a problem when last evening, on my way to a workshop with the Atlantic Film-makers Cooperative, a packed not one but two books. You know, just in case I get stranded somewhere, like a desert island, for a day or two. The worst part, while we were waiting for the instructor to show, during the time I should have been conversing with the fine film folks in the room, I pull out some reading material. This time it was not a straight up reading novel, but a graphic novel, a comic book. It was an R. Crumb book to boot, which awarded me some very dirty looks. Some would say that R. Crumb's work is sexist and offensive. I have not yet come to this conclusion. He is perverse, yes, but at his own admittance.

Essentially, my reading is getting me into trouble. I am not working on any projects, I am not cleaning my house, I socialize minimally at best, and I am not eating or sleeping much. The biggest problem is that I don't really care. I honestly feel content with this lifestyle. I have slipped in and out of it in the past, basically whenever I get the chance, and have come out of it unscathed. So, life be damned, I am reading my days away.

the reading bandit.

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