18 July 2006

Back in the Saddle.

Hello my lovelies,

It has been awhile hasn't it? Quick update, Gort, the computer, is back on the desk and feeling fine. Gort would like to thank you all for your kind words and support.

So, where oh where have I been? Well, I finally made it to Fredericton. I wanted to go so badly for so long, and after this trip I wonder why. The place is attractive enough, but for a city with so many trees, there isn't really any shade. My fair skin cannot handle such intense sun, but I needed to venture out for coffee. Next time, I bring a coffee maker; I am not going back to cowboy coffee no matter what.

So, first night out, and I am enjoying my self. I got dressed up for the occasion in Mary Jane flats, fitted half pants, and a sleeveless fitted shirt. I look very femme indeed. I am also tipsy and giddy, so pretty much half skipping. Walking down the main street when a car speeds by with a special shout-out for me:


Wow, faggot eh? Wow wow; guess I still got what it takes. During my amazement over the situation, a police cruiser pulls up beside me. I am panicking in my head due to previous encounters with Johnny Law, when I notice the cop looks strikingly like Patricia Arquette. I instantly believe myself to have been dropped into a Lynch film and look around for burning objects.

"Did you call for us?" she inquires
"Well, someone was shouting Faggot" ah, shit. Panic rises again as I realize the implication of the statement.
"Uhm, I mean, uhm, someone shouted at me as I was walking"

She wished me a good evening and went after them.

Such an odd turn of events.

I may need to return to that strange land someday, but for now, I stay here. My surgery has finally been booked, after three years of waiting. I am trying to prepare for the exciting event. For those of you unaware of the surgery I am referring to, have no worries, it is not a life-threatening thing. I am going to be documenting it though, so look for a link in the near future. Or don't, whateves. I don't care.

a faggoty recess bandit.

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