10 November 2006


So, from nothing to ton-o-ton of stuff. I have a job. yep. Mother's helper.


I will be directing a short FILM soon. Getting trained to be the best director I can be as well. So effing exciting.

As well, my motther gave me a fantastic digital camera for my birthday. I have been taking so many crappy shots. I took a picture of David, from Six Feet Under, crying. I have also been shooting a few animations. Working the kinks out of some newly learned techniques.

So, I have decided that my cats and I are going to buy a small plot of land out west, and move into this. I think I was drooling while going through the photos and stats. I think I have a problem.

p.s. I just started listening to the Edie Brickell album, Shooting Rubberbands. I am amazed how much I am enjoying it. Oh nostalgia will kick me in the teeth every time.


Indecisive said...

That Loftcube is interesting - except it made me think of "Cube" the movie. creepy. But it's perfect for you - the nomad. One question though, do you have to wear pink?

recess bandit said...

i believe you get skin grafting to make your skin pink.

nico said...

Out West! Yeah!

Congrats on the camera. And job. And director training!